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for 45 minutes...

The strangest thing just happened to me. I went to the ladies room at work, and when I exited my stall, a woman was already there washing her hands. I soaped up and started to wash my own hands. So far, this is all very normal.

I was about done and ready to rinse and dry, when I noticed that SHE was still washing. I felt like if I stopped washing my hands before she did, after all, she had started before me, she would judge me and think me a subpar hand washer.

So I kept going past my normal point of clean handedness and continued to wash. Then I noticed she was eying me up in the mirror. Eye contact was made. She kept on washing. I believe she was challenging me to …. yes. Yes. A Hand Wash Off.

Who was going to rinse first? Who would be the first to cave? To admit publically to inferior hand washing skills? Who was going to break?

Turns out, it was me.

Listen, I have work to do, and to be honest, I’ve had some issues with dry and chapped hands, so washing them to the point of bleeding wasn’t going to help that one damn bit. I just found it all a bit strange. Has this happened to anyone else? What’s the strangest thing you’ve encountered in a public restroom? The stories have to be staggering.


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  1. this is hilarious! How many minutes do you think you were in there scrubbing? You could probably have gone into a sterile operating room after all that washing.

  2. I think you just proved that you were the one that was not certifiable.

    A number of years ago, I also had a standoff. There was no one else in the men’s room when I went into a stall to do my business. That’s the only way I’ll conduct any business. No one can be there. But before I could begin, some interloper busted in and entered another stall.

    My inclination was to cover my ears and wait for him to go first and then leave. But unfortunately, he seemed to be waiting for me to do the same thing. Recalling the urgency that called me in there in the first place, I was reluctant to bail, so I gritted my teeth and nested. For ten freakin’ minutes.

    It appeared that each of us was waiting for the other to make the first move.

    Anyway, he finally bailed out and left, so I could conduct my business in peace. I think I sprained my butt holding it in, though.

  3. I’d love to see a video of that, man. It could SO be a Saturday Night Life skit. Blood just pouring into the sinks, neither person giving up.

    I’m glad you gave in. I agree with Bluz. The other lady is the certifiable one.


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