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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Museums, Marathons and Three Bottles of Wine

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Last Friday saw my little family packing up to head to Washington D.C. to visit with my brother and his family. You might remember him. I’ve mentioned him once or twice.

The entire experience of getting to know my brother and his family has been nothing short of amazing. Not only did I get to have the older brother I’ve always wanted, I have the most kick ass sister in law EVER. I will get there in a minute…

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Shamrocks and Shin Splints

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There is a very, very good reason that I didn’t run this weekend:

I'm not drunk. I'm excited about celebrating my culture. Which includes, apparently, sparkly green bowler hats.

I mean C’MON! It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend! I’m Irish. I mean, legit Irish. And even though nobody actually drives snakes out of entire countries anymore, I’m still a fan of day drinking. I HAD to celebrate.

Casey’s sister came in all the way from the country of Dayton (Ohio) to celebrate with us. Without giving too much away, we are all 3coughcoughcough, so that put us in the high end of the age range of people heading out to celebrate all day – a fact that didn’t stop us. Nay, it made us more determined to not just go out, but to show these wippersnappers how it’s done. I believe they call that ‘representing’.

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Today Might be the Best Day Ever

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It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks. Before I get all Dickens on yo’ asses, let me explain.

Last Sunday I ran 8 miles and I felt FANTASTIC. I was all like, sheeet, I can just keep running. I got this. 13.1 miles got nuttin on me! I am going to OWN THIS HALF MARATHON.

Then I caught the death cold. Not just any old cold. No. Mere snuffly noses and tickley throats are for people with far better luck than I. I got the ‘can’t lift my head off the pillow, you can have my autographed Wheatus CD, take care of the kids’ cold. I called off work. Two days in a ROW. Ya. THAT sick.

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The Bag Update You Have All Been Dying For

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I have chronicled my issues with bags, and after much research (wine-fueled google search) I found what I THOUGHT was going to be the perfect solution. I ordered it and waited in delicious anticipation. It took an eternity for the box to arrive. And when it did, I pounced. I jumped that box like I was a hungry tiger and it was a double cheeseburger from Sonic.

I was so damned excited to get this bag, you would have thought this bag was going to load and unload my dishwasher, change shitty diapers, and care about other people’s days. FINALLY I would be able to take one neat, tidy bag on the train and not knock over innocent pedestrians. THIS BAG WAS GOING TO SAVE MY LIFE.

I look pretty happy for someone who's dreams have just been SHATTERED. My current laptop bag vs. what was SUPPOSED to be my gym case.

This bag isn’t even as big as the bag I currently use for JUST my lap top. This bag isn’t going to save my life. It isn’t going to do my dishes. As you can CLEARLY see, this bag is too small.

Silver lining: Maybe there is room in the world for my gym case after all? Anyone looking to invest?


Why you NEED to come to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show

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If you can resist this much cute, you are a far stronger person than I.

Reading this blog, you might think to yourself that I am the only awesome person in this house. You would be wrong. Casey is also pretty awesome. Not just in general (although yes, in general), but also specifically. As in he is a concrete artisan/designer, and he is at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show this week, and you should come and see him and buy many sinks.

For those of you not in the know, concrete is what all of the people who care about Jesus are putting in their houses. I kid. Those people use formica. I kid again! Concrete is granite’s hipper, cooler friend. You can mold it into literally anything you can dream of; it’s durable, gorgeous, and, for those of you soy latte drinking hipster types, it’s eco-friendly.

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