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Why you NEED to come to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show

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If you can resist this much cute, you are a far stronger person than I.

Reading this blog, you might think to yourself that I am the only awesome person in this house. You would be wrong. Casey is also pretty awesome. Not just in general (although yes, in general), but also specifically. As in he is a concrete artisan/designer, and he is at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show this week, and you should come and see him and buy many sinks.

For those of you not in the know, concrete is what all of the people who care about Jesus are putting in their houses. I kid. Those people use formica. I kid again! Concrete is granite’s hipper, cooler friend. You can mold it into literally anything you can dream of; it’s durable, gorgeous, and, for those of you soy latte drinking hipster types, it’s eco-friendly.

Casey makes each sink by hand, and you just have to trust me when I tell you he puts his heart and soul in each piece. We have several pieces in our house, and it’s hard to explain, but you can just FEEL when someone made something with their heart and hands. Granite and quartz are nice and all, but my kitchen counter tops weren’t carved out of a stone. They were created, life was poured into them, and the difference is obvious to anyone who walks into my kitchen.

This is where I drink my coffee.

And my powder room.

This is where I wash my hands.

And my master bath room.

This is where I brush my teeth.

And now he is making his big debut at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, and I couldn’t be more proud. His booth looks fantastic:

Stop in and say hello. I MADE THAT SIGN!!!

He has several on hand to sell off the floor:

Oh, and did I mention the bases he makes out of reclaimed lumber? This used to be part of a barn:

AND! He is giving this one away. You can enter to win and the drawing will be on the last day of the Home Show. It includes the base and the faucet, and the awesomeness is also thrown in for free:

I want you to tell your friends. And have them tell their friends. Spread the word far and wide until I have people from Egypt calling me to get a sink done. And, they totally can. Casey can ship these suckers anywhere. His web site is still under construction, but I will share the link once it’s up and running.

Until then, come to Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, booth 2739, and say hello. Register to win the free sink, buy a sink, have your mom buy a sink, her friend Helen, Helen’s neighbor Nancy… you get the idea.

Did I mention we are right across the aisle from a winery? If you need me, you know where I’ll be.

Yours in sending my kids to a good college,







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  1. Beautiful work! I will help spread the word, but I REFUSE to go to the Home and Garden show ever again. I went last year and I STILL have people calling me asking if I want windows, a finished basement, trees cut, an entire home remodel, etc.

  2. I’m glad I checked my e-mail on Saturday so we were able to meet Casey at the Home and Garden Show, yesterday. We have already ordered everything for our new kitchen..Installation scheduled in two weeks. We did mention to Casey that our bathrooms will be next. Love the product. Love your blog. (A follower from BitchBurgh.)

    • Thanks for making the switchover to the new blog! I’m so glad you went out and met Casey. Sorry I wasn’t there to meet you! If you get a new sink from him, I will have to pop over. : )


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