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The Bag Update You Have All Been Dying For

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I have chronicled my issues with bags, and after much research (wine-fueled google search) I found what I THOUGHT was going to be the perfect solution. I ordered it and waited in delicious anticipation. It took an eternity for the box to arrive. And when it did, I pounced. I jumped that box like I was a hungry tiger and it was a double cheeseburger from Sonic.

I was so damned excited to get this bag, you would have thought this bag was going to load and unload my dishwasher, change shitty diapers, and care about other people’s days. FINALLY I would be able to take one neat, tidy bag on the train and not knock over innocent pedestrians. THIS BAG WAS GOING TO SAVE MY LIFE.

I look pretty happy for someone who's dreams have just been SHATTERED. My current laptop bag vs. what was SUPPOSED to be my gym case.

This bag isn’t even as big as the bag I currently use for JUST my lap top. This bag isn’t going to save my life. It isn’t going to do my dishes. As you can CLEARLY see, this bag is too small.

Silver lining: Maybe there is room in the world for my gym case after all? Anyone looking to invest?



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  1. I’m not just saying this because I’m Canadian and very proud of my home country’s business success story – but because I also own one! (Bag, not store…) But check out lululemon – they have a bag that has a separate zipper on the bag that’s padded for your laptop’s protection, and nice, roomy compartments (even a large zippered section for sweaty gym clothes) where you can store your other stuff. Doubles beautifully as a diaper bag on the weekends. Miss ya Miss Bethany – looking forward to catching up when you’re in TX! (And enjoy keeping up with you via Running on Wine!!)

  2. You guys have a tv in your office? I totally chose the wrong profession.

    I hear you about the bag issue. I use a messenger bag as a diaper bag. That way, when I go out in public sans children, I don’t look like a freak carrying a diaper bag – yet I still have my security blanket.

  3. Not just TV, but TV with basketball on! Not like my office where half are tuned into Fox News and the other half CNN. I want basketball, or at least crappy talk shows. I’m so jealous.


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