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In Which I Ask You to Give Me Money

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And by me, I mean the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. As you may know (because I have mentioned it roughly 5,ooo times) I am running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon this Sunday. I picked the Humane Society as my charity for a few reasons.

1.) I love animals.

2.) They receive ZERO government funding. That means the only way they can help animals is with YOUR assistance.

3.) Until I buy my farm so I can adopt 27 rescue dogs, this will have to do.

4.) The voices told me to.

If you are in a position to give just a few dollars, it would really make a difference. I won’t ask you for money for anything else, I promise.

Also, the person who raises the most wins a cruise to the Caribbean. If that’s me, I will pick one of my donors at random and take them with me. A cruise with me! How fun is that? Super fun!

Click here to give.

I hope you can help.

Yours in no more serious posts for awhile I promise,



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