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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Guess What’s In My Box?

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Happy Hump Day! Unless you work a non standard schedule, in which case Wednesday probably has no meaning to you. It does, however, mean something in this house. That’s right. It’s CSA day! Which is like Christmas, minus the drunk relatives at dinner.

It also means it’s time for this week’s exciting edition of Guess What’s In My Box!

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Baseball, Boobs and Beer: The Perfect Sunday

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You can call me a bandwagon fan, you can call me a Johnny Come Lately, you can call me whatever your personal preference is for someone who has only recently become a fan of a team doing well. I don’t really care what you call me. I love the Pirates.

Hell, I love baseball. It all started innocently enough. Garrett Jones. HA HA. Just kidding.

Gratuitous Garrett Jones shot.

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Guess What’s In My Box??

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You PERV! What box did you think I meant?

Oh ya. It’s here. It’s hump day. Or as we like to call it in this house CSA DAY! Wednesday’s are pick up day for our Dilner Farm’s CSA, and I get very, very excited to see what’s in my box. Can you guess what’s in my box? Write down your guesses.

You done?

Still thinking?

Really? Not done yet?

Now? Okay! Great! Let’s see if YOU could figure out what was in my box!

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Updates and Such

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We are back from vacation and back to REAL LIFE. For approximately 27 days until we head back to the beach. HATE ON, HATERS. Let’s recap, shall we?

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Dispatches From Vacay

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The view from the scene of the crime.

Babies don’t appreciate hangovers, and I find that rude. You would think at this point in the evolutionary chain that something would have happened to fix that. If we can lose our tails and walk upright, why can’t we train our children to sleep until 10:00 and make us a damn breakfast burrito?

Also, I need to get something out of the way.

Dear elderly residents of the Estero Beach Club,

I am sorry about last night.


Me and my boobs.

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I Just Might be INSANE!!!

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This is Shaun T., the man behind INSANITY. Based on his abs, I’m thinking he doesn’t battle with a wine and Cheetos addiction.

Have you ever tried everything you could to drop those last ten pounds, but they just wouldn’t come off? They stubbornly cling to your stomach and thighs, regardless of how much you work out, even though you aren’t really working out all that much anymore and also you drank wine every day? No? Just me?

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