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We are back from vacation and back to REAL LIFE. For approximately 27 days until we head back to the beach. HATE ON, HATERS. Let’s recap, shall we?

We stay at Casey’s mom and stepdad’s condo when we go to Ft. Myers, and she asks us for very little in return (pay the cleaning lady, have another grandbaby immediatley, just little things). When she asked if we could swap out the kitchen knobs on the cabinets this trip, of course we said okay.

After our shameful experience of getting her in trouble Tuesday, what with talk of boobs and what have you, we decided we needed to step up our game. We would go ahead and just paint all those cabinets, too.

Having never done this before, I thought it was a great idea and we could bang it out in one night. Put the baby to bed, paint some shit, go to sleep, be back at the beach the next day. Turns out, I was pretty off with that assessment.

It takes approximately 3,247 hours to paint cabinets. We were up till 3:00 am Thursday and spent the better part of Friday finishing up. BUT! They look fanstastic.

That’s wall one of the THREE walls of cabinets that we painted. There were 27 door and 7 drawers in all. NOT THAT I WAS COUNTING.

If you are ever looking for a lovely vacation spot, might I recommend Peg’s Paradise? It is the perfect spot for many reasons:

  • Ft. Myers has a lovely balance between family friendly and fun for singles and young couples.
  • Ft. Myers is¬†conveniently¬†located within two hours of most of southern Florida. It’s an easy day trip and perfect for those of you that want to see Miami, but are afraid of face eating zombies.
  • Peg’s Paradise is right on the beach, with a pool and a hot tub, two bed rooms, two baths, and is LITERALLY across the street from a grocery store and a liquor store. Emphasis mine.
  • You get to sleep in the bed I’ve slept in.
  • You can see that kick ass paint job in person.
  • You’re kids will be this cute:

It’s his happy place. And mine. Mostly mine. He’s actually happy running around in crappy diaper, so, different set of standards and what not.

If you ever go, tell ’em Bethany sent ya.

And now on to our INSANITY UPDATE. We were TOTALLY INSANE for most of our trip to Florida, and kept up with our workouts for all but two days. The issue wasn’t that. It was more that no matter how much you are working out, it’s hard to counterbalance an extra 3,000 calories a day in alcohol consumption.

Result? Nothing lost, nothing gained. I will take it. We decided to start from scratch today and begin the whole thing over, with NO days off and NO excuses. Casey’s friend T.J. decided to do a little gauntlet throwing and send us his Fit Test results from today. Challenge accepted, my friend.

If anyone else being totally INSANE wants to go power jump for power jump with me, let me know. I will post my fit test results tomorrow and ya’ll can BRING IT in the comments.

And finally, we are in CSA heaven in this house. (You can click here if you don’t know what that means. AND think about why you hate local farmers so bad).

I look forward to our box every week with childish glee. Fresh strawberries that burst in your mouth, kale that begs to go into my smoothies, fresh lettuce, radishes, turnips, herbs, and DEAR GOD WHAT IS THIS??


Turns out, it is not a creature from deep space. Rather, it’s a kohlrabi, and Casey is grilling it right now. It better taste better than it looks.

Got to go, kiddies. It’s dinner time.

Yours in about to eat a kohlrabi,



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  1. grilled kohlrabi? Sounds delicious! I have only received kohlrabi once in my box before but it seems like a ton of people are receiving it.

    I host a weekly CSA link party and would love for you to stop by and check it out. Hope to see you there!

  2. We had kohlrabi soup last night and I really love it.

  3. Kohlrabi are awesome just cut into slices and eaten like an apple. Very popular in Europe.


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