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Guess What’s In My Box?

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Happy Hump Day! Unless you work a non standard schedule, in which case Wednesday probably has no meaning to you. It does, however, mean something in this house. That’s right. It’s CSA day! Which is like Christmas, minus the drunk relatives at dinner.

It also means it’s time for this week’s exciting edition of Guess What’s In My Box!

This week I was in for several very nice surprises. And if you said, ‘A surprise? That can only mean on thing. Blueberries!’, give yourself 10 points.

I love blueberries. They are good in just about anything .Cereal, smoothie, yogurt, black magic ritualistic potion, you name it! Also, loaded with antioxidants!

Next up we had something that sounds like wap weas. If you guessed snap peas, give yourself 17 points and take a week off from folding laundry. I have actually never had a snap pea in my life, so unsure of their edibleness, I found a taste tester.

It appears they are not poisoned.

They look great, but what do I DO with them? Help a sister out in the comments. Is there such a thing as snap pea pizza? No? Well can we invent that?

I reach my hand into my box and pull out… what? What is this? If you thought it was bread give yourself 435 points and buy a lotto ticket tomorrow. I gotta feeling about you…

As a lifelong carbotarian, this made me very, very excited. I know that carbs are bad, but not these carbs. These carbs were given to me, thoughtfully, by a farmer. That makes them A-OK!

Would my box be complete without two zucchini and a cucumber? No. No it wouldn’t. If your guesses about what might be in box included our three green friends, give yourself 34 points and call your mother. She misses you.

Prior to taking this picture, they were all lined about against the box, pretending to be a boy band. Produce do the darnedest things when they think you aren’t looking.

We also got our very own vampire deterrent system. That’s right. If you guessed fresh garlic, add 34 points to your score and stock up on Beano.

I love garlic. Garlic doesn’t love me. I eat it anyway. Hilarity ensues. I’m working on a screenplay.

And finally, what have we here? I will give you one hint. It’s cauliflower. If you guessed cauliflower, give yourself minus 598 points and some ranch dip, cause you can have it. I do not like cauliflower. Even the name sounds gross.

It looks like a tumor salad. This is one of the few things that you could make into a tini and I would not drink it . Excuse me miss, would you like a caulitini? No. No I would not ever.

And there you have it – a detailed list of everything in my box. To see if you’ve won add up all of your points, make yourself a caulitini, dump it down the sink, make a REAL DRINK OUT OF SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE ILLNESS, and make an effort to say something nice to someone tomorrow.

I’m sure you will be on pins and needles until next week’s edition of What’s In My Box (spoiler alert: fruits and also vegetables).

Yours in fresh bread,



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  1. I had snap peas tonight in a salad. They also work great in stir frys.

  2. Go to my food blog and search for pizza bites. Then put your cauliflower to the test. It is seriously amazing. SERIOUSLY. Would I lie?

    Don’t answer that.

  3. Another beautiful bounty! I love snap peas…here is my favorite recipe…

    Come and link up to this week’s link party… Hope to see you there!

  4. I have no idea what to do with peas, simply because we grew them every year and they never actually made it into the house. We eat them straight up right off the vine! Try a cauliflower gratin. Boiled cauliflower is gross, but roasted is delish.

  5. Which CSA are you doing? I’ve been stuck with nothing but a lot of green, unidentifiable stuff from mine.


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