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Monthly Archives: August 2012

What’s for Dinner, Mom? Or, One Woman’s Nightmare

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Casey is out of town for two days, so I think we all know what that means. Visits to the strip clubs, having the gals over for poker, not running the dishwasher, throwing a killa party with all my peeps…

HAHA. Just kidding. It means I could fart whenever I want and that unless I learned how to cook real quick, me and the kids were going to starve to death.

It was do or die time, people. Mama had to make some dinner.

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Flashback Friday – Busting out the Flowbee

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Congrats! You made it to the weekend! YAY! I hope you all have super fun and fabulous plans. For this week’s Flashback Friday I am busting out one of my personal favorites. Being in a relationship with Casey is a lot of things. Boring isn’t one of them. Enjoy, and feel free to share your beloved charming/embarrassing traits in the comments!


The best way to learn about a person, aside from hacking into their email, is to live with them.

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I Kissed A Llama and I Liked It

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Yeeeeee haaaaaaw! I’m riding a fake turkey!

In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, me and Casey bagged kayaking in Kentucky in favor of a daylong drinking binge through the Blue Mountain State.

We sweet talked Casey’s sister-in-law, Liz, to DD for us and asked Peg for some maps. We were about to show Lexington what happens when Pittsburgh shows up.

If you haven’t been to Kentucky, and really, why would you have, let me tell you that Lexington is home to a plethora of bourbon distilleries and vineyards. The reason for this is that the state needs something to do when the Wildcats aren’t playing. I’m sure there are some other reasons, but that’s the main one.

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Greetings from Kentucky!

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I am coming to you live from right outside of Lexington, KY – home of bluegrass, the UK Wildcats, a bazillion horse farms, and Casey’s mom and stepdad.

We are here for a family reunion, such as we are. Jim, Casey’s stepdad, has two sons, one of whom is married. They all live in North Carolina, and we came in from Pittsburgh, and Casey’s mom, Peg, almost exploded with delight.

There are two things in the world that send Peg into the realm of happiness where glitter and rainbows come shooting out of her eye sockets: her family and having visitors.

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All About The Social Medias

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Hello there, my lovlies. I just wanted to take a minute to talk to you about social media. I hope you know that I, Bethany, am on Twitter. If you look down and to your right, that’s my Twitter account, @mindbling. If you’re on Twitter, you should follow me. If you’re not on Twitter, you should be. Everyone is on Twitter now. Especially teenagers.

Do you have a teenager? Do they have a Twitter account? Not sure? Take their smart phone and check. Then go read their tweets. Or any teenagers’ tweets, really. Make sure you have a bottle of wine and a box of Kleenex handy, because teenage tweets will make you cry for the future of humanity.

Do you know who else is on Twitter? My car. That’s right. I gave Usain Volt his own account, @UsainVolt1. You can follow him for information on what it’s like to be an electric hybrid, my musical habits, current events, and whatever else pops into his battery.

And finally Facebook. Yes, I know. We’ve talked about how I feel about Facebook. This doesn’t mean that I don’t still feel like Facebook has its uses. I do. And I am not even blaming Facebook for the reasons Facebook sucks so bad. I am blaming the people. But not you guys. You guys are cool.

Having said that, over there, above my Twitter account, you can ‘like’ my blog on Facebook. You don’t have to. It’s not like I get anything extra if you do. I am not even sure it matters. I just know that I like seeing people ‘like’ my blog. It makes me happy. I feel validated. I’m working with my therapist on this, but until then, ‘like’ my blog, won’t you?

That’s all for now. I’m off to watch my DVR’ed Pirate game, drink some wine, and make my Alex Morgan for President shirt. 

Yours in Team USA Soccer madness,




Updates and Such – The Awwwww, Beep Beep Edition

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It’s my new car. It’s electric. Boogie Woogie Woogie.

My Jeep was in the shop so we used a rental car to make our trip to Rehoboth Beach. It was a revelation. As a couple who has two SUV’s, neither of which get more than 14 miles per gallon, the 31 mile per gallon Camry we used on the 7 hour drive was nothing short of a miracle.



Pirates winning season

Parting of the Red Sea

Fuel efficiency

We were hooked. Before we were even home it was decided, when we get the Jeep back, that sucker is getting traded in for a HYBRID. Oh yeah. I was going there. I was taking your insufferable liberal and seeing you one pretentious jack ass. And just when you thought I couldn’t GET more obnoxious, I went there.

That’s right. I bought an electric car.

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