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Greetings from Kentucky!

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I am coming to you live from right outside of Lexington, KY – home of bluegrass, the UK Wildcats, a bazillion horse farms, and Casey’s mom and stepdad.

We are here for a family reunion, such as we are. Jim, Casey’s stepdad, has two sons, one of whom is married. They all live in North Carolina, and we came in from Pittsburgh, and Casey’s mom, Peg, almost exploded with delight.

There are two things in the world that send Peg into the realm of happiness where glitter and rainbows come shooting out of her eye sockets: her family and having visitors.

If you look up hostess in the dictionary, right after the picture of a tasty, cream filled cupcake, is a picture of Peg. There is a never ending array of crackers, cheese, meats, nuts, wines, beers, liquors, etc. If you happen to stay in one of her three guest rooms, you will find a personalized note thanking you for your visit and a freshly laundered robe. She puts the Hilton to shame.

So when she knew that her family was going to be here AT THE SAME TIME, FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND, TOGETHER, she did the only thing she could do. She went out and bought us all matching T-shirts to wear at the 1:00 pm horse tour she booked us at Three Chimneys Horse Farm. I’m not kidding.

Not even Jones could escape.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, guess what? Matching backs, bitches.

Don’t act like you’re not jealous.

I have no rational explanation for this. All I can say is that sometimes, for family, you have to make exceptions. I had to break my decades old fatwa against wearing matching anything and suck it up. Because life isn’t always about YOU, sometimes it’s about doing something that you would normally not do ever do, ever, even under duress and/or torture, and sucking it up and doing it.

It made Peg happy, it didn’t hurt anyone, and it gave everyone else at the horse farm a good chuckle (I’m assuming).

We have two more days here, and I am looking forward to them both. Tomorrow is kayaking (read: beer drinking) on the Mississippi and dinner on the river. OH! And lest you think I’m slacking, me and Casey got up and ran three miles around the back nine of the golf course his mom and stepdad live on. I HAD to. I ate my body weight in glazed walnuts/

Your in Peg has a shit ton of wine and I’m going to drink it,


ps – thanks to today’s tour, I am now somewhat of an expert on stud farms. I can’t unlearn what I heard today. I…just….can’t.



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  1. Please dont ever change the way you write!


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