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AMPFUSHAH – Auditioning for the Voice – Friday HAPPY HOUR

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As you may or may not know, I like to do this little thing called sing. I went to school for musical theater, spent many years as the lead singer for a band, and now drink too much and attempt Total Eclipse of the Heart on karaoke with alarming regularity.

Me and my old band, Area 51, at a Halloween show at The Mousetrap. I am the one dressed as Cat Woman.

Me and my old band, Area 51, at a Halloween show at The Mousetrap. I am the one dressed as Cat Woman.

I never wanted fame. I never wanted fortune. I never wanted groupies. I just wanted to do what I love – perform. Not even singing. Performing. Great singers are a dime a dozen, as so many reality TV shows have shown us. What is missing from most of them is that certain spark. That shiny, sparkly something that makes you interested. And you can’t fake that, and it can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t.

And I’m not sure if I do or not, but by gosh golly am I going to march my ass to New York City and find out.

Sunday, February 17th at 7:00 am, my ass will be at the Javits Convention Center, ready to give it all I got.

I might get one note in and shown the door. They might let me finish before they smile sadly and shake their heads no. They might take a nanosecond, a heartbeat really, enough for my hopes to rise like a mushroom cloud, before they tell me thanks for my time, but I’m just not what they’re looking for. Almost every scenario in my head has them saying no.

But I’m still going to try.  It’s all a part of my AMPFUSHAH. I wrote it down. With a deadline. On my AMPFUSHAH list: Audition for the Voice, by the end of Feb. 2013.

I am registered officially, and I have booked my room. Now all I need is a song. Actually, I need two. SO! If ya’ll don’t mind helping me out … Here are some of my ideas.

Christina Perry – Jar of Hearts

Susan Tedeschi – Rock me Right

Brandi Carlisle – The Story

What do you think? Do you need me to (GASP) post videos of ME SINGING THEM so you can help decide and they could possibly go viral, making me a virtual shoo-in what?

Cause guys, I need help on the story front, too. Most people who make it have a TRAGIC AND/OR AWESOME STORY. Like they have been kidnapped, their dad just died, like JUST DIED, in the lobby, at the Starbucks bar. The most tragic thing to happen to me is the guy that I liked in sixth grade asked me to be his girlfriend and for a cinnamon toothpick, and then broke up with me AS SOON AS I GAVE HIM THE TOOTHPICK. It was terrible. But clearly not TV material. So. Do I go with:

1.) Once landed an airplane full of babies and puppies safely, after the pilot got himself locked in the airplane bathroom.

2.) Lost a leg to a rabid alligator while on a mission trip to a strange and foreign land, Canada. Reattached own leg with laces from Coach tennis shoes, proceeded to choreograph award winning Olympic opening routine.

3.) Is Manti T’eo’s actual girlfriend.

Okay, friends. Help me out. If I make it, it will be because of you.

Yours in Team Adam,



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  1. How exciting! Good luck on the audition. I admire anyone who pursues his/her dream. Especially someone who has been mute since birth, but found her voice through watching other singers perform on The Voice. I smell shoo-in…

  2. ZOMG! You know how much I love seeing you perform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited for you! I am literally trying to stay seated in my chair at the office. If you make it, by god I will find a way to come see you on the show. For sure. MY ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh and you do have a story…come from a family that was separated and growing up without your brothers, young mother who also raised her sister and I know it was not without struggle. Got by with bartending, singing and karaoke, followed by having two beautiful children, an amazing partner and successful career.

    Oh and I want videos 🙂

  4. Shannon Gardner

    Woo hoo! This is so exciting!! I think you will do great!!
    I am a fan of the first two songs, and I agree that the brothers you never knew existed till recently is your story! Or you could show the video of Jones as a Zombie and tell them that you gave birth to a zombie baby! 🙂
    Oh and I would also like to point out that I loved your Karaoke song choice from this summer, “I touch myself!” You can rock that song!!

  5. Oh yes! I think I will tell your brother that he should write you an original song to perform (i have no idea if he knows anything about songwriting, but I will tell him to step it up) and that can be part of your story. That and the plane of course.

  6. That’s great! Good luck! I’ve never heard you sing, but I’d vote for the first two songs, assuming you have the right type of pipes for the blues. I imagine you do though or you wouldn’t have suggested the second song!

  7. That is so cool. I vote you post videos of yourself singing!


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