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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Technology Hates Me

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So I had all of these plans to write the most hilarious post in the history of hilarious posts, I’m talking Erma Bombeck meets Tina Fey, but apparently when they upgraded my Windows they blew out my Chrome. That means my current browser is Internet Explorer so when I tried to bring up WordPress to write said post it just laughed at me and felt sorry for me. I get that enough from human people.

Further, since I am not an administrator I can’t download my own Chrome, so I have to put in a help desk ticket and wait.

And that’s why all I can do now is use my phone to post this picture of my sweet new kicks. I did buy Brooks Cadence but they felt too small so I went and got these Mizuno’s instead.

Just finished a two miler with my gal Meg V., and so far so good. My feet didn’t fall off, so we are solid.

I really did want to write you something special. Something to make all you good looking people laugh and laugh, but technology hates me.

Yours in caveman Internet access,



Back In the Saddle

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It’s time people. It’s a new shoe. It’s a new wine. It’s a new day.

If you need me I will be over here kicking ass. If by kicking ass you mean drinking wine.

Yours in back at itness,