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What’s for Dinner, Mom? Or, One Woman’s Nightmare

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Casey is out of town for two days, so I think we all know what that means. Visits to the strip clubs, having the gals over for poker, not running the dishwasher, throwing a killa party with all my peeps…

HAHA. Just kidding. It means I could fart whenever I want and that unless I learned how to cook real quick, me and the kids were going to starve to death.

It was do or die time, people. Mama had to make some dinner.

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Updates and Such – The Awwwww, Beep Beep Edition

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It’s my new car. It’s electric. Boogie Woogie Woogie.

My Jeep was in the shop so we used a rental car to make our trip to Rehoboth Beach. It was a revelation. As a couple who has two SUV’s, neither of which get more than 14 miles per gallon, the 31 mile per gallon Camry we used on the 7 hour drive was nothing short of a miracle.



Pirates winning season

Parting of the Red Sea

Fuel efficiency

We were hooked. Before we were even home it was decided, when we get the Jeep back, that sucker is getting traded in for a HYBRID. Oh yeah. I was going there. I was taking your insufferable liberal and seeing you one pretentious jack ass. And just when you thought I couldn’t GET more obnoxious, I went there.

That’s right. I bought an electric car.

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Updates and Such, the Why Yes, I AM on Vacation Again Edition

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Jones isn’t sure how he feels about the boardwalk. Or the ice cream.

Greetings my friends! I am writing this from the great state of Delaware, about a block away from the little part of the Atlantic coastline called Rehoboth Beach. I believe Rehoboth is an ancient Native American term for salt water taffy, but I’m not sure.

We are here for the 30th Smith Family Vacation. That’s right. 30th. For 30 years in a row the whole clan gets together to spend a an entire week vacationing with each other. There are the four Smith siblings, of which Casey’s dad is the brother, and all of their kids, grandkids, inlaws, outlaws, etc. It’s usually about 23-27 people, and in all 30 years no one has ever killed anybody. So they keep doing it.

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Updates and Such – 4th of July Edition

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Hello there! I hope you all survived your 4th of July. My sense of irony and belief in natural selection makes the 4th of July one of my favorite holidays. Any time you combine drunk people and explosives, hilarity and/or herd thinning is bound to occur!

We didn’t light up any fireworks. Heck, we barely drank (by barely I mean I only had two beers, a margarita and four vodka and Red Bull Zeros. But that was for the WHOLE DAY). Instead, we did what any couple would want to do on a day where the sun was blazing down and the heat index was over 100. That’s right. Take our toddler to the Pirate’s game.

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Guess What’s In My Box?

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Happy Hump Day! Unless you work a non standard schedule, in which case¬†Wednesday probably has no meaning to you. It does, however, mean something in this house. That’s right. It’s CSA day! Which is like Christmas, minus the drunk relatives at dinner.

It also means it’s time for this week’s exciting edition of Guess What’s In My Box!

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Guess What’s In My Box??

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You PERV! What box did you think I meant?

Oh ya. It’s here. It’s hump day. Or as we like to call it in this house CSA DAY! Wednesday’s are pick up day for our Dilner Farm’s CSA, and I get very, very excited to see what’s in my box. Can you guess what’s in my box? Write down your guesses.

You done?

Still thinking?

Really? Not done yet?

Now? Okay! Great! Let’s see if YOU could figure out what was in my box!

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