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Technology Hates Me

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So I had all of these plans to write the most hilarious post in the history of hilarious posts, I’m talking Erma Bombeck meets Tina Fey, but apparently when they upgraded my Windows they blew out my Chrome. That means my current browser is Internet Explorer so when I tried to bring up WordPress to write said post it just laughed at me and felt sorry for me. I get that enough from human people.

Further, since I am not an administrator I can’t download my own Chrome, so I have to put in a help desk ticket and wait.

And that’s why all I can do now is use my phone to post this picture of my sweet new kicks. I did buy Brooks Cadence but they felt too small so I went and got these Mizuno’s instead.

Just finished a two miler with my gal Meg V., and so far so good. My feet didn’t fall off, so we are solid.

I really did want to write you something special. Something to make all you good looking people laugh and laugh, but technology hates me.

Yours in caveman Internet access,



Back In the Saddle

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It’s time people. It’s a new shoe. It’s a new wine. It’s a new day.

If you need me I will be over here kicking ass. If by kicking ass you mean drinking wine.

Yours in back at itness,

Casey bravely powering through Day 6.

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We went back and forth over whether to do 5 days of our cleanse or 7. I was nervous about doing 7, not that I think we couldn’t do it, but because I have a 6:30 am flight Monday morning, heading to a three day work trip. My transition to solid foods should be…interesting.

BUT! We went with ‘No Excuses!’ and here we are. Then I saw the 2:00 juice recipe. ICK. Total ick. If you have to CHASE YOUR JUICE with an orange, something is wrong. Here is Casey chugging his. If you don’t hear from me again soon, it killed me.

Yours in wheat grass,

Dispatches From Vacay

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The view from the scene of the crime.

Babies don’t appreciate hangovers, and I find that rude. You would think at this point in the evolutionary chain that something would have happened to fix that. If we can lose our tails and walk upright, why can’t we train our children to sleep until 10:00 and make us a damn breakfast burrito?

Also, I need to get something out of the way.

Dear elderly residents of the Estero Beach Club,

I am sorry about last night.


Me and my boobs.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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It’s hard to find people who feel indifferent to Valentine’s Day. They either really love it, or they really hate it. Right now, this very second, my Facebook feed is filled with people either wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, or people posting pictures of Cupid meeting a violent end. Sigh. People. Can’t we all just get along?

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I Fell In Love In NYC. With a Pork Chop. DON’T JUDGE ME.

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I will take such good care of you, baby.

HA! So I did manage to get my run in yesterday. I went to the gym in my super posh swank hotel and I hopped on a treadmill and I did it. I’m used to running at my gym, which is smack in the middle of Calzone Dipped in Ranchville and French Fryshire. What I’m saying is, I’m almost always one of the most in shape people there. Not so in a NYC gym.

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