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Yes, I’m Doing a Juice Cleanse. Now Can We Stop Talking About it?

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Just kidding! Let’s totally talk about it!


I’ve been doing a juice cleanse for the past 4 full days, and they way people are carrying on you would think that I’ve decided to switch to a dead bug diet. People’s reactions range from everything to ‘Why in the world would you do THAT?’ to ‘I would rather eat poop’ to ‘Can I borrow $20?’

I don’t know why anyone is shocked by this. I have been slowly morphing into a homemade granola making, organic-only shopping, non meat eating hippy. Ever since I decided to embrace natural child birth and buy an electric car, my path has been clear. And soon or later, ya, it was going to end in a juice cleanse.

And here we are.

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