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Flashback Friday – Busting out the Flowbee

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Congrats! You made it to the weekend! YAY! I hope you all have super fun and fabulous plans. For this week’s Flashback Friday I am busting out one of my personal favorites. Being in a relationship with Casey is a lot of things. Boring isn’t one of them. Enjoy, and feel free to share your beloved charming/embarrassing traits in the comments!


The best way to learn about a person, aside from hacking into their email, is to live with them.

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Flashback Friday

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It’s Friday! Cheers, ya’ll!

My favorite part of that picture is the sippee cup in the bottom left corner. Leading me to believe I was taunting my toddler because I can drink wine and he can’t. MAN I love being an adult.

So I had this post about my homemade pizza experience all cued up for today and then I was like, you know what? It’s FRIDAY. It’s the weekend. Let’s do something FUN! So I went back to my old blog, the one I used to keep before Casey’s whole family started reading it and I could talk about sex and what not, and I pulled my favorite. So here you go. One of my favorite posts of all times, for your Friday reading pleasure.

(WARNING: There may or may not be a picture of something that rhymes with paint.)

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